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When is the best time for me to sell my car?


Selling a car can feel like a daunting task.

There are so many considerations to make and your mind might feel all over the place with the worry of how to balance it all. Considerations such as:

  • The changing seasons
  • The timing of new car releases
  • Market conditions
  • Your personal circumstances

These factors can all play a huge role in determining when to sell your vehicle.

Key Takeaways


4 Car Sale Tips For Timing The Market

If you want to get the best price for your vehicle, simply take a look at our tips and tricks below.

1. Seasonality

Most of the time, it is best to sell a car in the UK during spring and summer months because of the warmer, sunnier weather. Buyers love to imagine themselves cruising through country roads in their new ride with the sun beating down, or taking relaxing coastal drives after a day at the beach.

This is especially true for convertible cars. If you know you want to sell your car in the near future, it might be worth thinking ahead in order to get the sale done in the sun.

2. New car releases

Make sure to do your research on your car’s manufacturer. If they are releasing a new model of your car, then your vehicle might not get picked up by potential buyers. The shinier, newer, fresher model is going to be more appealing to buyers as well as commanding a higher price.

Not only will it be difficult for you to find a buyer, but getting your ideal price is going to be less likely. If you know that a new car launch is coming in the next few months, make sure to sell your car sooner rather than later.

3. Current market conditions

With the current cost of living crisis, it is no secret to any of us that the state of the economy can play a huge role in determining buying habits. If you want to sell your car at high price during the current recession, you may have to focus on your negotiating skills.

People are less likely to be making extravagant purchases right now. That’s not to say there isn’t still a huge demand for second hand cars. In fact, less and less people will be splurging on brand new models nowadays.

4. Your personal circumstances

The cold hard truth is, if you’re in a rush to sell your car you might have to accept a lower price. If your priority is getting rid of the vehicle or getting cash quickly, getting the best price might not be the most important thing for you, and that’s fine. On the other hand, if you have time to wait for the right buyer, you may be able to wait for a better price.

When you sell your car with BigWantsYourCar, you can trust you are getting a fair price. Our car valuations last seven days so you have the time to think about it before you accept. We transfer the payment into your bank account once the sale has gone through and we arrange for convenient pick up. If you’re in a rush (or not), selling your car with us just takes away all the fuss.


So, when is it the right time to sell my car?

All things considered, the best time to sell your car in the UK will vary depending on your individual circumstances and the current market conditions. However, by keeping these factors in mind and by being patient, you can increase your chances of getting the best price for your vehicle!

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