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How to transfer car ownership – a simple guide

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Transferring vehicle ownership has been made significantly easier in recent years, with insurance companies and DVLA offering online transfer options that take minutes. You might be confused about where to start if you are thinking of transferring your car to someone else. Read on to find out exactly how to transfer ownership of a vehicle.

Key Takeaways

Who is responsible for the ownership transfer of your car?

This depends on the nature of the sale. If you are completing a private sale, then it is entirely your responsibility to do this transfer. This transfer needs to be done immediately, or else you could be accountable for the buyer’s mistakes in the vehicle, which could in turn amount to a nasty legal battle and a court case – something that nobody wants to deal with.

If you are not doing a private sale, it is the responsibility of the seller to resolve the transfer, which includes notifying DVLA of the transfer on your behalf. Here at Big Wants Your Car, we currently transfer ownership of the vehicles we buy online, as it goes through immediately – saving you lots of time. If you would prefer to do this yourself, then you are free to keep the yellow slip of the V5 and do the transfer yourself. However, we are happy to manage all of the paperwork for you to make it a breeze!

There is also the possibility of doing a part exchange. In this situation, the dealership may do the transfer on your behalf, but this is not a guarantee. You need to be vigilant and make sure that the vehicle has been transferred.

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How do I change the registered keeper of a car?

Your V5C (Vehicle Registration Certificate) is a very important document as you won’t be able to do the transfer without it. If you want to transfer your car but have recently realised that you have misplaced or lost your V5C, you can buy another one to replace it. You will need it before selling your vehicle.

It is important to fill in your transfer in a responsible way. You must begin by completing the V5C document which can be found under the ‘notification of sale or transfer’ section.

The new buyer needs to provide you with their DVLA details. To do this, simply fill in section 6 of the V5C which is called ‘New keeper or new name / new address.’ Tear this out of the VC5 and send it straight over to DVLA. Make sure to keep the other half and give it to the individual who has bought the vehicle.

Make sure to check out section 8, where you must sign a declaration that confirms the sale and that all details provided are correct. The DVLA will then be notified of the transfer, after which they will mail you a letter confirming.

If you’re looking to sell your car with us, we can handle this for you – so there’s no need to worry about any paperwork.

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Can you transfer ownership of a vehicle online?

Yes, absolutely. The DVLA has an online transfer system that makes transferring ownership of your vehicle really simple. Using your VC5, you can follow the steps on the government website. If you want to transfer now, you can find the form here.

How To Transfer Car Ownership

You’re ready to change car ownership!

Now you know exactly how to make the transfer when it happens. If you are still looking to sell your car though, the team at BigWantsYourCar.com make it easy. Our buying service is quick and easy. No fuss, no faff, no fees. You can also find out online how much your car is worth.

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