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Can you sell a car with a private number plate?

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Looking to sell your car with private plates? Whether you’re attached to your unique plates or curious if dealers will buy your car with them, we’ve got you covered. Check out our guide on selling a car with private registrations. Sell your car hassle-free with personalised plates today!

  • Can you sell your car with a private number plate?
  • Pros and cons of selling your car with a private number plate
  • How to sell your car easily and quickly

Can you sell a car with a private number plate?

If you’re looking to sell your car with a private number plate, then we have good news – you can! What’s more is you have a couple of options at your disposal depending on whether you want to keep the private number plate or not.

Should you transfer or keep your private number plate when selling your car?

If you’re not bothered about keeping the private reg plate for yourself when selling the car, you can just carry on with the sale as you would usually – no extra steps needed.

If you want to keep your private number plate, there are a few extra steps needed to do so successfully:

  • Apply for a V778 retention document from the DVLA – this will give you the right to assign your private number plate to another vehicle within the next decade.
  • Wait for your new V5C logbook – this will confirm your car’s amended registration. When the private plate is removed, its original one will be reassigned to it.

Alternatively, you can directly transfer the plates to another car by completing a V317 form.

Pros and cons of selling a car with a private plate

There are potential buyers out there that will place great value on a car with a personalised plate, fetching a higher price with many and making your car more desirable for those who want a sense of personalisation and uniqueness with their car.

However, at the same time, there are many potential buyers out there who may not be interested in buying a car with a personalised number plate, and may not pay as much (if at all). This may increase the amount of time it takes to sell the car, to a point where you might even have to remove the plate. This itself can be a hassle and is an extra cost that you wouldn’t otherwise have to pay.

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