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Why Consider Alternatives To WeBuyAnyCar?

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When you are considering selling your car, especially if you don’t have any experience in doing anything like it before, there is likely one unforgettable slogan song that will pop into your head first. But in reality, WeBuyAnyCar.com might not be the right option for you, and those catchy adverts might not be telling you the whole truth. Here are some of the reasons why WeBuyAnyCar.com should not be your first port of call when selling your car.

BIG vs WeBuyAnyCar and other rivals

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Unlike our competitors we charge zero admin fees

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Sell your car in 3 easy steps


1. Buy at lower prices

Typically, WeBuyAnyCar offer much lower prices to sellers than other dealerships do. If you have a high-end or luxury vehicle, this will be most noticeable and more frustrating. At BigWantsYourCar, we consider market value, offering you a fair and guaranteed price based on our research. We don’t provide insultingly low offers, and we give you seven days to consider the option without any pressure.


2. Hidden fees

If you sell with WeBuyAnyCar.com, you will be charged a transaction fee which depends on the valuation of the car you are selling. Hidden fees can feel like a pain, especially if you have already seen the next car of your dreams. Every little helps when buying a new ride – something that BigWantsYourCar understands. That’s why we never surprise you with hidden fees when you sell to us.


3. Appointments at a branch

If you are using an online selling platform to sell your car, the chances are you prioritise speed and convenience. Unfortunately, when you sell with WeBuyAnyCar.com you need to find the time to visit one of their branches on-site in order to complete the sale. For those who want a much more streamlined and convenient experience with less faff, sell with BigWantsYourCar. We organise a time to come to your home and collect your car at the time that works best for you. There’s no need to rearrange your schedule to fit us in.

WeBuyAnyCar Alternatives

WeBuyAnyCar vs Motorway vs BIG – Where should I sell my car?

Deciding where to sell your car should be a process of weighing up your priorities. If you need a really easy, trustworthy sale, that will give you an excellent and accurate valuation for your car, then there really is only one option.

BigWantsYourCar offer one of the best and most convenient selling processes for people that don’t have the time to mess about with getting their sale done. Without sacrificing on quality, our sales process will make the experience of selling your car as smooth as possible and the money you’re owed will be transferred as soon as the sale goes through, ready to use as a potential deposit for your next car.

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