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VW unveil the ID.7


Get ready to welcome the much-awaited VW ID.7, the first global electric car from Volkswagen. The rumours have been flying for months, followed by a teasing campaign that had us all on the edge of our seats. Finally, the ID.7 has been unveiled in all its glory. Volkswagen went all out for this special occasion, hosting an exciting show that was streamed simultaneously in every market where the new ID.7 will be sold.

Key Takeaways

Let’s Take A Look Inside

Inside, passengers will be treated to optional comfort seats and a top-of-the-line Harman Kardon sound system, truly elevating the driving experience. The 15-inch central display features a vastly improved user interface for easy infotainment control, while the new full-colour augmented reality HUD displays all necessary information, reducing the importance of the driver’s display and allowing it to blend seamlessly into the dashboard. All in all, the VW ID.7 is sure to impress even the most discerning drivers with its luxurious features and cutting-edge technology.

Volkswagen has been eyeing the premium EV market for some time now but has been lagging behind its competitors. However, the new ID.7 aims to change all that. With a range of exciting features, it is set to revolutionise the market.

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Leading In Technology

One of the most intriguing features is the Wellness app. This app enables the creation of the desired atmosphere through lighting, climate control, and sound. Imagine feeling as if you’re by the sea, with the gentle sound of waves and breeze, and subtle light effects. It’s an experience that truly sets the ID.7 apart from other EVs on the market.

The ID.7 comes packed with advanced technology that is designed to make driving easier and more enjoyable. One of the standout features is the augmented reality (AR) head-up display, which not only displays important vehicle information but also helps with navigation and lane keeping. The display shows direction arrows and other helpful information that appear to be right in front of the driver on the road, just like in a racing game.

The ID.7 also includes a new voice assistant called IDA, which can control everything from windows to radio stations, and even the air conditioning system. IDA can also take control of the navigation system and adjust to different passengers in the car. While VW’s past user-facing technology has been hit-or-miss, the company is hoping that IDA will be a significant improvement. Only time will tell if “Hello IDA” becomes a beloved catchphrase or just another tech disaster.

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What’s Next?

Volkswagen’s World Premiere of the ID.7 had one last surprise in store for us – the teaser that GTX is coming. The final images of the show cleverly disguised the three letters, building anticipation for what was to come. While the vanilla ID.7 comes with the new APP 550 powertrain and 210kW output, which nearly matches the ID.5 GTX, there’s reason to believe that the ID.7 GTX will take things up a notch. With the potential for a dual-motor APP550 and over 300kW peak power, the ID.7 GTX could become the most powerful and fastest electric VW on the market, earning the flagship title. We can’t wait to see what Volkswagen has in store for us with the GTX.

The Volkswagen Golf has been an iconic model that has dominated the hatchback segment of the automotive industry for nearly 50 years. However, with Volkswagen’s commitment to transitioning to electric vehicles, the Golf’s days as a combustion-engine car are numbered. Volkswagen plans to sell only electric cars in Europe by 2033, which is in line with their target of achieving 80% electric sales in Europe and 50% electric sales globally by 2030.


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