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Best-selling used cars of 2022


The used car market continues to perform well in light of recent squeezes on new car supply, offering drivers with reliable cars at affordable prices.

Key Takeaways

The UK’s top 10 best selling used cars in 2022

But which were the best-selling used cars of 2022?

10. BMW 1 Series – 112,321 sold

This nippy hatchback just cracked the top ten list from 2022, enjoying over 112,000 transactions in the used car market. Respectable if not slightly short of its younger 3 Series brother, as we’ll see soon.

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9. Audi A3 – 114,801 sold

Another German premium hatchback popular amongst those looking to buy in the used car market. Boasting a sporty interior and wearing its Lamborghini inspiration on its sleeve, it’s no wonder the A3 made the list.

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8. Volkswagen Polo – 137,517 sold

Smart and cosy, the VW Polo continues to be a good option for starter drivers stepping into the second-hand scene for their first car. Light steering, decent body control, and an all-round smooth ride has afforded this classics’ continued popularity.

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7. BMW 3 Series – 155,264 sold

Beating out the 1 Series by a notable margin, the 3 Series has proved itself in the used car market thanks to it being a great all-rounder. Agile handling and a high-quality interior makes for a pleasant all-round ride and a company car sleeper hit.

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6. MINI – 158,710 sold

Stylish, compact and high-quality – characteristics of the MINI that make it a consistently popular model in used and new markets. A British automotive icon and abundant on used markets, it’s no surprise that it reached the top 5 of the UK’s best-selling cars of 2022.

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5. Vauxhall Astra – 165,011 sold

Another entry whose position in the top 10 surprises very few. The Astra is like a comfortable pair of slippers and has been the go-to family hatch for decades and sales figures of 165,000 transactions in the used car market speaks for itself.

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4. Ford Focus – 213,821 sold

We’re well into household name territory now. As a staple family hatchback and solid all-rounder in quality, comfort, and handling, the Ford Focus made for stiff competition in the used car market during 2022.

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3. Volkswagen Golf – 216,227 sold

Another abundant offering in the used car market, as reflected in these impressive numbers sold during 2022. As much a default family choice as its competition, the VW Golf never fails to just bring that extra feel of class and desirability that the likes of the Focus and Astra don’t quite reach – though, as you can see, it’s a tantalisingly tight matchup.

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2. Vauxhall Corsa – 229,454 sold

Dominant on the UK’s streets and motorways, you don’t need to read the data to know that the Vauxhall Corsa does a lot for a lot of drivers. Fundamentally reliable and famously cheap to run, the Corsa knows that it is a sensible choice for many and is rewarded handsomely in turn.

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1. Ford Fiesta – 288,639 sold

Driving as good as it looks, there’s little surprise that this is one of Britain’s best-selling cars in and outside the second-hand market. As cost-effective as its Corsa counterpart, there are few that can match the Fiesta’s versatility and satisfying on-road feel.

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